The Affordable Care Act


Court Insurance Group as partnered with John Dodd Brokerage in Westerville, Ohio to provide a complete website as well as an enrollment site. We can compare health plan with the exchange programs as well as health plans that are off exchange and operated by insurance companies.

Because of the confusion in this ever-changing Individual Health Insurance industry, we find it better to look at each individual circumstance separately rather than try and identify whether this plan benefits you or a large number of people. Once we load the appropriate information to the website, we will get an accurate cost and plan design for you.

Actually if you are in the need of health insurance coverage or would like to see if you can better your situation, this system should benefit you. It is the one place you can get all the options available to you whether it is a government program or not.

No longer can you be rejected or rated at a higher cost because you have a current medical condition.

Please feel free to call or contact us by going to the contact us tab and you can e-mail, fax or use any method you prefer.