Individual Health Insurance

Individual Insurance PlansProviding health coverage to those who must purchase their own health insurance is a service Doug McRoy has been doing for over twenty five (25) years. Our agency is a brokerage agency so we do not represent any one company, but we survey many companies to find the most competitive for the health plan you want to apply for.

Those who have carried individual health insurance soon realize that it is not only the first policy or company plan you choose, but you need to have someone to work with in the long term. Insurance rates do increase so you need a good broker to assist you at most each renewal of your contract.

Health insurance companies let you choose from a variety of small or larger amounts of out of pocket costs.  Of course the more out of pocket risk you accept, the lower the premium becomes.

We can easily show you the differences of the plan designs and usually the comparison of cost and risk that will help you decide on what would be best for you and family.

If you are self employed we can work around Workman’s Compensation as well as take advantage of the tax deductibility these plans offer.