Income and Debt Protection


Income Protection with Court Insurance Group

As much as a person values their job, their success, their promotions, etc., we do not do a good job of protecting ourselves and our loved ones against losing or limiting our valuable income from our job.

Disability, regardless of how long can be a tremendous income loss and many times it will wipe out your savings, create substantial debt and make any recovery more difficult.
Total your mortgage payment, your average utility expenses, and your typical amount spent on groceries and you have an idea of how important a steady income is.

You can protect your income with a disability policy. We can help determine what your actual need would be and how best to acquire this coverage. There are specific plans for those who are self employed, in the agriculture business, or related to your occupation. We also can integrate your disability amount needed with any social security benefits available.

Be sure you are aware of what your possibilities are. Your income is one of the most important financial needs you want to protect.


Nobody wants to leave loved ones with a mass of debt. Of course it is normal and sometimes prudent to acquire manageable debt. Mortgages, college expenses, and in some cases auto loans are acceptable debts, especially in a family’s early and mid years.

Many businesses use debt and in some cases it is long term. Buildings and equipment are many times owned by the owner and rented to the company. Of course the debt or mortgage needs to be protected in case of a death by the owner.

This is also true for those who buy income property homes. If you are handy and can do the upkeep, your heirs may not be.

A well designed life insurance program is needed to remove debt and provide your loved ones or company with the assurance of a good continuance life style. For the business person, this concept could also provide a supplementary retirement plan. Contact us for additional help and information.